No Regrets, No Self-Pity: Rockstar Bret Michaels On Coping With Diabetes From Age 6 And How It Pushes Him To Work 'Twice As Hard'

Date November 5, 2019

At a few different points in his career, fans have been concerned about Bret Michael's health.

In May 2014, for example, the musician was forced to cancel a previously scheduled concert when he had to leave the stage a few songs into his performance due to extremely low blood sugar.

Bret Michaels' health challenges

Being a diabetic can be tough especially when you're a public figure expected to show up for your fans.

Bret revealed to the American Diabetes Association that he was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when he was 6 years old. On how he has been pushing through, the rockstar said:

There is no doubt that a huge part of who and what I am is that I’m a diabetic. I have great days and I have bad days.

Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle, the singer described his condition as a "complicated disease" and he has to focus hard on finding balance every day of his life.

He appreciated his parents for teaching him the best lessons of not wallowing in regret and self-pity, adding that his condition motivated him to "work twice or three times as hard" to get to where he is today.

Bret also revealed that music has been very helpful in terms of helping him process his emotions.

To me, music was absolutely 1 million percent therapeutic. For some other people, [they] would want to talk through their problems. I would put it into music and it helped me to deal with what I was going through in life.

The Celebrity Apprentice alum gave a glimpse of the downside of his condition in 2018 when he explained, in a series of Tweets, that he spent three weeks in and out of emergency rooms getting tested and treated which left him feeling down.

However, he felt better after spending time with diabetic friends, veterans, and kids in Florida at the Toys In The Sun Run charity concert.

Bret's daughter's struggles

During an interview with Parents, Bret opened up about learning that his daughter Raine was diagnosed with borderline diabetes.

He shared that they had some bad days but all that mattered was being there to support her through it all.

Diabetes is a health condition that many people live with and thanks to people like Bret who gladly share their stories, others are reminded that they are not alone and can remain strong. Knowing you can count on family and friends for support does make a difference.

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