Alec Baldwin Admits He Still Wants Another Baby Despite Wife's Devastating Miscarriages

Date December 19, 2019

Hilaria Baldwin's children are one of the delights in her life. But when it comes to motherhood, there have been a few hard times. Hilaria is a mom of four kids, all of whom she welcomed with her husband, actor Alec Baldwin.

In April 2019, she shared the heartbreaking news that she could have a miscarriage a few weeks after she initially revealed she was expecting her fifth child. In an Instagram post, she revealed that she suspected something wasn't right because her baby didn't have a strong heartbeat.

A few days later, she confirmed that she did have a miscarriage. In her social media post, she said she chose to remain positive and she wanted to share her story to inspire others.

In November 2019, Hilaria revealed that she experienced another miscarriage when her pregnancy was four months old. She confessed that she felt "devastated" after this loss as it was very unexpected.

Alec and Hilaria Baldwin still want another baby

Despite these experiences, the couple isn't giving up on having another baby. The Baldwins were recently spotted at Santaland at Macy's Herald Square where they had a few words with reporters.

Alec revealed to Extra that he and his wife hadn't given up on having another child. In fact, his special request to Santa was for an apartment big enough to house their kids, including a new baby.

The 30 Rock star said:

What I want is if we do have another baby, we find the right apartment. We need a bigger apartment.

While many men in their 60s are already empty-nesters, 61-year-old Alec Baldwin is apparently not ready to resign from daddy duties. He's obviously excited to be a father again and by all indications, Hilaria doesn't mind trying again for baby number 5.

A strong family unit

Seeing how great this couple usually is with their children is proof of how much they love being parents. It's clearly a role they take very seriously.

During a 2018 interview with HOLA! USA, Hilaria revealed that even though she's technically the boss at home, she and Alec usually put up a united front as a family.

We do everything as a team.

Alec and Hilaria Baldwin appear to be great parents to their kids. Fans have been heartbroken for Hilaria following her pregnancy losses and people root for them as they continue trying for another baby. Being a mom is tough and a miscarriage can take its toll. But it's nice to see Hilaria doing well and feeling hopeful.

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