Henry Winkler's Angelic Daughter Zoe Make Him Feel Like The Proudest Dad In The World

Date January 9, 2020

Famous actor Henry Winkler, who you might better know as Fonzie on Happy Days, is a proud father of three children: Zoe Emily (born in 1980), Max Daniel (born in 1983), and stepson Jed.

In this article, we want to focus our attention on Winkler's oldest child, daughter Zoe, as it is more than deserved.

Zoe Winkler is a dedicated activist

Henry Winkler's oldest child and only daughter Zoe is one of the few celebrity kids, who decided to use their parents' fame for good, and it's just a breath of fresh air to us.

Zoe Emily is a founder of This Is About Humanity, a social campaign aimed at raising awareness about children separated from their parents at the border.

When asked what pushed her to become a social activist, Winkler told SALT magazine:

I was sitting in my bed one night and saw the first glimpse of news about the children being taken away from their parents at the border—in the kids, I saw my own kids and, in the parents, I saw myself. These hot button issues that create so much emotion can feel overwhelming and it’s easier to turn off the TV or look away—but, for some reason, I had the opposite response and felt I needed to doing something right away.

Zoe's campaign organizes fundraisers and gives voice to the affected families. Henry must be so proud!

She's also a wonderful wife and mother

But Zoe Emily's life is much more than fighting social injustices. Winkler is married to actor Rob Reinis and they have three beautiful children together.

Rob and Zoe were set up in 2005. Back then, Zoe was a pre-school teacher and one of her student's mother knew her friend Rob would take liking to the sweet educator.

In 2008, Reinis knew he wanted to be with Zoe forever and so he proposed. The couple married in 2009 to Henry Winkler's giant delight.

Zoe and Rob are proud parents to three kids:

  • Son Ace born in 2012;
  • Second son born in 2015 (name undisclosed);
  • Third son born in 2017 (name undisclosed).

Henry Winkler is more than proud of his kids

With a daughter like Zoe, you might think Henry Winkler is the proudest dad around and you would be right. When asked what he's most proud of as a father by Life of Dad website, the famous actor replied:

That my children have become wonderful citizens in the world.

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As we now know, Zoe Emily is formerly a pre-school teacher, who's now fighting the noble cause. What about Winkler's other kids? Not much known about his stepson, but his son Max is already quite an accomplished director. He has several featured films in his filmography and often acts as a guest director on various sitcoms.