“I Remember My Father Doing This Exercise”: Michelle Obama Speaks About Her Dad’s Painful Battle With Multiple Sclerosis

Date November 11, 2019

Former US First Lady Michelle Obama is opneing up about how her father, Fraser Robinson battled multiple sclerosis for years.

Michelle Obama’s father’s MS

Mrs. Obama’s father, Fraser Robinson was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in his early 30s. The former first lady admitted that despite illness, he was a rock, provider and hero for the family.

The mother of two in a speech before her husband was elected said though it became harder for her dad to as he got sicker, he never stopped smiling. She added:

He never stopped smiling and laughing even while struggling to button his shirt, even while using two canes to get himself across the room to give my mom a kiss.

Battle with multiple sclerosis

Michelle is recalling her father’s tough battle with multiple sclerosis. The former first lady revealed he fought agonising pain and sickness to do it himself before his passing.

The mother of two said her father health battle inspired her to vote and have her say in politics. Speaking about her father, she said:

I grew up in a household where voting was just something you did all the time. I remember my father doing this exercise for every single election and not worrying about whether it was raining or snowing or whether he was tired.

She went on to recall that some days he would struggle to get out of bed and get dressed. Michelle in an Instagram post recalled what a great man her father was and expressed words of gratitude to him.

I’m grateful for all of it: for every imperfect photograph, for every incomplete memory, and for the many wonderful, beautiful years I had to learn and love and be loved by my father.

Michelle on her father's death

After a long battle with multiple sclerosis, Fraser died back in 1991. He was 55 years old. Robinson passed away the year before Michelle and Barack got married.

Mrs Obama describing the loss of her father as 'traumatic', shared her sadness that her late father didn't get to walk her down the aisle. However, Michelle noted she was comforted that her father gave Barack his blessing to marry her before his death.

Thank you, Michelle, for sharing something really personal with us. We know it means so much to you.

Michelle Obama