Joan Rivers’ Daughter Melissa Says Hollywood Will Never ‘Be Able Replace’ Her Mother

Date November 11, 2019

It’s been over five years since tragic death of legendary icon Joan Rivers. However, the comedian’s daughter, Melissa continues to think of her late mom.

A legend goes home

Back in 2014, legendary comedian Joan Rivers died from complications due to a throat surgery at the age of 81. The Fashion Police star had stopped breathing while undergoing a surgical procedure on her vocal cords.

She was rushed to Mount Sinai Hospital and placed in a medically induced coma. Sadly, she passed away a week later. According to ABC News, the medical examiner’s office revealed there was no medical error.

Joan Rivers daughter, Melissa

On November 6, Melissa said she is certain that remarkable legacy of her late mother will never be forgotten.

In an interview with Closer Weekly, the 51-year-old noted that Joan will never be replaced in Hollywood. Melissa said:

I don’t think anyone’s ever going to be like my mom again! Hopefully there’ll be someone who does something similar but, come on, we’re never gonna be able to replace my mom.

Though her mom is no more, she gets a glimpse of Joan when she looks at her son, Cooper Endicott. The mom of one confessed that her son and his grandmother have a lot of similarities.

Melissa still can't cope with mother's death

Even though it’s been years since Joan’s death, Melissa will never be over the loss of the legendary comedian. During an appearance on the Today show, the mother of one opened up on coping with her passing. She said:

There are some days that it feels like 10 years and some days where it feels like yesterday. But that’s the normal grieving process.

Melissa Rivers is very proud of her late mother, now she carries the light of her legacy.

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