Not An Only Child! Mark Wahlberg Has 11 Older Siblings Including 2 Actors Just Like Him In His Famous Family

Date November 14, 2019

Actor Mark Wahlberg is one of the most respected entertainers in Hollywood. But did you know he is the youngest child in his family with 11 siblings? Let’s find out who Mark’s brothers and sisters are.

Born in Boston, Mark is an American rapper and actor who had serious troubles as a teenager. He rose from a life of childhood crime and became a respectable individual.

His career took a turn for the better in 1997 and has gone on to star in hit movies such as The Departed, Ted, The Fighter, and Entourage. He is married to Rhea Durham with four children.

Mark Wahlberg siblings

The famous Hollywood actor grew up as the youngest in a family of 11 with his parents Donald Edmond Wahlberg Sr and Alma Donnelly Wahlberg.

Mark’s famous siblings are Paul, and Donnie who all regularly appear in the reality show Wahlburgers. Donnie is known for his role in CBS’ Blue Bloods, while Paul is a chef.

The eldest is Arthur who is a carpenter by trade, but has done some acting, in films such as 10 and Patriots Day.
Jim is involved in the family business. Robert, just like Arthur did some acting with roles in movies like The Equalizer, Gone Baby Gone, and The Departed.

Mark also has three older half-siblings, Donna, Buddy, and Scott from his father’s marriage. Sadly, Buddy passed away in 2008.

His sisters, Debbie, Michelle, and Tracy live a quiet life away from the spotlight. However, Debbie died in 2003.

Family is very close with each other

The Wahlberg’s have always been a tight knit family. The Transformers star revealed in an interview with HollywoodLife that their reality show made them closer than ever.

He went on to explain that it gives everyone in his family especially his mother a sense of purpose. The show, Wahlburgers is about the actor’s huge family burger joint based in Boston.

The Wahlberg siblings admittedly look alike: both brothers and sisters resemble each other and it's safe to say it's a genetic jackpot!

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