Rock Star Bret Michaels And Kristi Gibson Were Together For 16 Years, But They Cancelled Their Engagement

Date November 14, 2019

Bret Michaels And Kristi Gibson were together for nearly two decades with the dream of becoming husband and wife. But what happened to their happily ever after, let’s find out.

On-and-off relationship

Bret is the lead singer of the rock group Poison. Since 1996, he has been in an on-and-off relationship with actress Kristi Gibson. During that period the couple welcomed two children. The pair met in 1994 and hit it off almost immediately.

Is Bret Michaels married?

Bret Michaels’ wife would have been Kristi Gibson as the two got engaged back in 2010, but they parted ways two years later. According to reports, the couple who share two daughters, Raine Elizabeth, and Jorja Bleu were never married.

The singer had popped the question during the finale of his VH1 reality show, Bret Michaels: Life As I Know It. Though she said yes, they never made it to the altar.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, a rep for the singer released a statement saying:

Bret Michaels and long-time girlfriend Kristi Gibson have called off their engagement at this time. Although the couple have separated, they remain great friends and are committed to jointly raising their two daughters.

Near death experience

While filming his reality TV series, Michaels began experiencing significant health troubles. He suffered a near fatal brain haemorrhage as a result of being struck in the head by a set piece.

Rock Star Bret Michaels And Kristi Gibson Were Together For 16 Years, But They Cancelled Their EngagementGetty Images / Ideal Image

During this difficult time the singer leaned on his longtime girlfriend, who stood by him. According to Bret’s friend, Pete Evick, Kristi saved his life.

The reason for the pair’s split still remains unknown, but they remain close friends to each other and co-parent their daughters.