"Type 1 Is For Life": 70-Year-Old 'Titanic' Star Victor Garber Speaks Candidly About Living With Diabetes

Date November 8, 2019 17:18

Actor Victor Garber is never shy to open up about his diabetes. This is a disease he has had to live with since he was a child.

Garber is an accomplished star well known for his role in Titanic and Alias. His extensive career has spanned over four decades. His film and TV credits include DC's Legends of Tomorrow, The Slap, The Flash, and Motive.

He has also earned three Emmy nominations and four Tony Award nominations.

Victor Garber diabetes' diagnosis

Victor was first diagnosed when he was 12 years old. The actor, however, has no problem getting candid about the disease he has been living with.

On Wednesday, the Titanic star talked about his connection to the disease with Closer Weekly. He said:

I have obviously a personal connection to it. And the Alzheimer’s Association because I have, you know … these diseases. Oh, it’s for life. It doesn’t go away. I have Type 1. The difference is Type 2 you can live through and it can change and you can reverse. Type 1 is for life.

Garber also noted that he does his best to stay healthy by eating carefully and exercising.

Though, Victor has lived with type 1 diabetes for about six decades that hasn’t stopped him from pursuing his dreams.

The Hollywood star revealed in an interview that he has done things that shocked him despite having the disease. He explained:

I’ve done things in my life that have surprised me, as I could do them as someone with diabetes. And that is my message to young people: That you can do this.

Victor Garber may have Type 1 for life but he is far from letting his condition slow him down.