Barack Obama's Sister Recalls First Christmas In Indonesia That She Had With Former President

Date December 13, 2019

After Barak Obama became the US President, his younger sister Maya Soetoro-Ng moved her family from Hawaii to Washington to be closer to her brother.

Maya and Barack have the same mother, Stanley Ann Dunham Soetoro. The two spend several years together in Hawaii and Indonesia. But what those few years with young Barak were like?

Barack Obama’s sister recalls childhood memories

Barack Obama and his half-sister Maya reunited at the former President’s foundation’s 2019 Asia-Pacific program.

The 49-year-old, who is the foundation’s adviser, shared a few photos from her childhood with Barak and recalled the first Christmas in Indonesia the two shared with their mother.

She reminisced:

I remember when it was, in Indonesia, hard to get Christmas things, [my mom] would get a sort of scraggly-looking pine tree and red and green construction paper because ornaments were hard to find back in those days.

Stanley Ann Dunham Soetoro was a very creative person and she wanted her children to feel the festive spirit no matter where they were.

Maya continued by telling that their mom used colorful construction paper chains instead of Christmas lights and decorated their tree with ‘red and green chili peppers’.

She concluded:

I thought, kind of a fun way to make the best of limited resources.

Soetoro-Ng once said that she believes that the presidency has changed her brother. It made him ‘wiser’ and turned him into a ‘deeper version of himself.’ However, she noted that his values stayed the same. It’s evident that Maya is incredibly proud of Barak and always will be by his side supporting him.

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