Internet Is Spitting Fire After Joaquin Phoenix & Martin Sheen's Arrest During Climate Change Protest

Date January 14, 2020

Jane Fonda has been working harder than ever lately. But no, she hasn’t been involved in any movies. For the past few months, the screen legend focused her life on saving the planet. Many celebrities joined the 82-year-old in her fight for bringing attention to climate change and some were taken in custody for it.

Joaquin Phoenix was briefly imprisoned but he’s free now

In the recent Joaquin Phoenix news, the actor was arrested for participating in Jane Fonda’s weekly climate change protests. Phoenix made a touching speech before he was escorted from the scene by policemen last Friday.

The actor said:

I struggle so much with what I can do [to combat climate change] at times.

He continued by noting that his contribution would be in changing his diet and avoiding meat and dairy.

79-year-old Martin Sheen was one of the 147 arrestees as well. The veteran actor emotionally urged America to ‘awake’ in a bid to raise awareness about the rising problem of climate change.

People think there were no grounds for the arrest

So why were Martin Sheen, Joaquin Phoenix, and other 145 people taken into custody? According to CNN, they were charged for:

  • incommoding;
  • crowding;
  • and obstructing

.All of them are known as the deadliest crimes, of course.

We don’t know what Martin Sheen is up to today but a few days after the arrest, Joaquin Phoenix was making another heartfelt speech but this time while accepting a Best Actor award at the 2020 Critics’ Choice Awards.

The whole situation makes us wonder why the police keep arresting people at Jane Fonda’s protests. It’s evident that their actions are only making protesters angrier and more ready to fight for their cause. Perhaps they should just let them be? What do you think about it?