Samantha Markle’s New Interview: Meghan's Sister Talks About Living With Multiple Sclerosis

Date January 29, 2020

Nobody knew about Samantha Markle until her half-sister Meghan married a British Prince. Since then, the 55-year-old has been appearing on TV numerous times, often picturing her famous relative in a bad light.

In 2016, when rumors about the royal romance were confirmed, Samantha gashed about Meghan, saying how much she loves the Suits star and how happy she is for her.

However, she quickly realized that singing praises doesn’t sell as good as slamming. So for 3 years, Samantha has been bashing on her royal half-sister but she rarely talked about herself, until now.

Samantha Markle’s new interview

Many royal fans noticed that Samantha Markle is using a wheelchair. That’s because she has multiple sclerosis. Markle opened up about her condition during an interview on The Kyle & Jackie O Show.

Kyle asked Samantha what was wrong with her feet and does she have to use the wheelchair permanently, to which she answered:

Miracles happen. Who knows. For the time, it is what it is and we all blessed, you know, just getting out of bed every morning however we have to get out of bed.

So it seems that Markle is a wheelchair-bound possibly for the rest of her life. But what else do we know about her?

Samantha Markle’s story

Samantha was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2008 when she graduated from a university. This was also the year when she saw Meghan for the last time. The actress flew over for Samantha’s graduation day to congratulate her.

Other facts about Samantha:

When Meghan was getting married for the first time, we didn’t hear any of her estranged relatives talk to the press about not being invited to the wedding. However, when she became the Duchess, they can’t stop talking. Now, as Meghan and Harry are not a part of the royal family, perhaps the public interest to them will subside and it will be interesting to see if Samantha or her and Meghan’s father Thomas would continue giving interviews to the media.

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