How Old Is Rod Stewart? Singer Reached His 70s But He Still Looks Great Without Any Surgeries

Date November 20, 2019 12:41

Rod Stewart – how old is he? The singer was born in North London in 1945 and gained prominence during the Swinging 60s and early 70s. You might think that the age of Rod Stewart is over but you’d be mistaken. Now, in his 70s, the British rock legend is still writing and performing. He also is a dad to very young children.

Rod Stewart's age has no effect on his private life

How old is Rod Steward? The singer will turn 75 in January. Nonetheless, despite his respectable age, he has a much younger wife and young children.

The singer has 8 kids, fathering the first one at 17. The baby was put for adoption but since then, Steward had been married three times and had 7 more kids with 4 different women.

His current wife is a former model Penny Lancaster. The couple has just returned from a holiday in Tanzania with their sons, 8-year-old Aiden and 13-year-old Alastair.

From a number of photos, shared by the pair on their social media, it’s safe to say they had a marvelous time.

But how does Rod manages to look so good at his age? The singer assures he has never tried any plastic surgery. He prefers to age gracefully without any additional help.

Close up, he looks great: fit and slightly tanned with visible lines that only make him look more handsome. Rod claims he has good genes so he doesn’t need any Botox or hair transplants. He says his family has longevity on their side and it’s hard not to believe him.