Vanna White’s Kids: ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Host Opens Up About Her Two Grown-Up Children

Date December 12, 2019

Vanna White knows the pressures of being a single mom from the first hand. Despite having a very demanding job, the Wheel of Fortune star raised her children on her own.

Vanna White shares two kids with her former husband George Santo Pietro, son Nicholas and daughter Giovanna.

When she needed to be at the studio to tape the show during day and night, Vanna had to hire a nanny but as the kids were growing up, she learned how to manage them without any help, even from her ex-spouse.

Recently, the famous host gave a rare update on her offspring. So what are they up to now?

Vanna White on her children

The 62-year-old TV star set down with Closer Weekly to chat about her beloved kids, Nicholas and Giovanna, whom she lovingly calls Niko and Gigi.

White revealed:

My son is 25 and my daughter’s 22. She’s graduating college this year and my son is an organic farmer. He loves growing vegetables and fruits and that kind of thing. So they’re kind of on their path.

Despite that White’s kids are not particularly fond of their mother’s career path, she says she supports them anyway, no matter what they do.

The legendary TV host ads that her children are very different as Nicholas is a ‘country boy’ but Giovanna is a ‘city girl.’

Vanna shared about her daughter’s talents, saying that Gigi is very good at art and photography. She is now a student in New York University.

Niko graduated from Oregon State University. He shares a lot of photos with his famous mom and his partner, Liberian monk Jaycee Akinsanya. It looks like the two are getting along splendidly well.

It’s evident that Vanna is super close with her children and very proud of them. She raised them with love and care and now they are paying her the same price.

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