Kirk Douglas’ Great-Grandchildren: 102-Year-Old Has Special Connection With Great-Granddaughter Lua

Date November 29, 2019

Kirk Douglas had 7 grandchildren who continued the Kirk line with their kids. His son, Michael, has become a grandfather for the first time as well when his son Cameron welcomed a daughter, Lua, in 2017.

Cameron Douglas’ baby is the most adorable thing in the world and as it turns out, the family patriarch Kirk has a very special relationship with her.

Kirk Douglas’ great-grandchildren light up his life

Baby Lua might be just 2 years old be she already has a lot of admirers and the biggest one of them is her great-grandpa, Kirk.

Cameron shared with Closer Weekly that his little girl seems to have a very special connection to the 102-year-old movie legend. He said:

I bring my daughter over to see him every weekend, and I’m teaching her to swim at his house. They have a beautiful connection. She lights him up and vice versa.

Even though Lua is too young to watch any of Kirk’s movies, Cameron says he will introduce her to 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea in the future.

Cameron’s daughter has another connection to her great-grandpa – she was actually named after him as her full name is Lua Izzy. Kirk was previously known as Izzy Demsky before he changed his name when entering the Navy. They are so sweet together!

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