Michelle Obama Admits Her Marriage To Barack Is A "Hard Thing": "We Have To Work Through Challenging Times"

Date December 12, 2019

Despite not living in the White House anymore, Michelle Obama, the wife of the former President Barack Obama, is still a busy woman.

Michelle recently traveled to Kuala Lumpur where she gave a speech at the inaugural Leaders: Asia-Pacific conference that was aimed at promoting women’s education.

When the 55-year-old took the stage, she touched upon very personal subjects in her speech, including her marriage to Barack.

Michelle Obama and Barack Obama’s ‘hard’ marriage

The former First Lady has been very open about her personal life recently. She candidly spoke about the emotional drop-off of her youngest daughter Sasha to college and now she has decided to share about her marriage.

Michelle admitted that holy matrimony is hard for every couple, including her and Barack. She noted that people think that their marriage is ‘perfect’ but they have their ups and downs, just like others.

Mrs. Obama said:

But it’s (marriage) a hard thing. Barack and I understood that about each other. There was counseling for Barack and I. We both learned that we have to work through challenging times. We worked at getting marriage counseling because sometimes we can’t do this on our own.

The 55-year-old bestselling author added that couples have to remember that marriage is not a journey that should be taken solo.

But what is the secret to her and Barack’s marriage? Michelle once shared that she married a person she respects. She noted that picking up a partner for a long-term commitment is like picking a player for your sports team: your partner should be strong and they should be ok with you being strong. Nobody wants a weak player on their team!

Michelle Obama