Alec Baldwin’s Wife: Everything To Know About Hilaria Thomas, Who Is 26 Years Younger Than Her Husband

Date November 27, 2019

In 2012, Alec Baldwin’s marriage to yoga instructor Hilaria Thomas took Hollywood by storm! But while the husband was 26 years older than the wife, age was not the only issue that had many watchers concerned.

For many, the question was whether the marriage would stand the test of time, especially considering Alec Baldwin’s infamous aggressiveness that led to his separation from ex-wife Kim Basinger. 4 children later, Alec and Hilaria Baldwin showed that their marriage is here to stay and they have proven naysayers wrong at every turn.

But how much do we know about Alec Baldwin’s wife Hilaria? Let us get to know her together.

Hilaria is a great partner to Alec Baldwin

As a celebrity wife, Alec Baldwin’s wife Hilaria has a refreshing personality since before marrying her husband at 28-years-old, she was not famous. Perhaps, it’s her little familiarity with pop culture that made her the best choice for Alec, who was hoping to turn his life around. Hilaria didn’t know much about Alec’s past and this helped the star to get a new start as a loving partner and a father to amazing kids.

Hilaria is a great mom to 4 and perhaps, 5

In their short time together, Alec and Hilaria Baldwin have set records as they already have 4 children, with their minds set on a fifth child. Hilaria, who has suffered 2 devastating miscarriages after their youngest son Romeo, has been positive about the possibilities of getting another baby girl to even out the boy clan.

Hilaria is a yoga instructor, and now an author

Hilaria is surely a busy mom but she finds time to juggle responsibilities, an amazing fact she revealed through her publication, The Living Clearly Method: 5 Principles for a Fit Body, Healthy Mind & Joyful Life. In the book, she channels her inner love for yoga, championing the hobby as a path to realizing positivity, grace, and calm in life.

Hilaria studied at NYU, just like her hubby Alec

While they studied at different times, both Hilaria and Alec Baldwin are New York University alums. Hilaria studied dance and art history at the prestigious university, 10 years after her husband Baldwin earned his BFA there.

Alec Baldwin's wife was cautious about dating a man 26 years her senior

While Hilaria and Alec built a perfect family together, their age difference is surely something to marvel at and according to Hilaria, she was cautious too about dating a man 26 years older than her.

Speaking to HELLO! magazine, Hilaria, who previously disclosed that Alec didn't kiss her for 6 weeks when they were first dating, said that Alec was an unexpected turn for her.

I didn't expect to fall in love with somebody who was 26 years my senior, but you cannot help who you fall in love with.

Despite her fears, all these years later, Hilaria finds herself admitting that her doubts were unfounded. She describes Alec as her “soulmate” and a partner who together, have started an incredible journey to raise their kids together.

Hilaria Baldwin’s relationship with Alec is incredible as it proves that marriage is all about commitment and despite their age difference, they evolved to become each other’s better half. They have overcome negativity, scrutiny, and in their affection for each other, they have found what they were always searching for, love.

How is that for a beautiful love story?