People Praise Pete Holmes For Putting Malia Obama In Her Place For Whispering During His Standup Show

Date January 30, 2020 09:33

Famous standup comedian Pete Holmes recalled a funny situation when he had to put Barack Obama’s daughter Malia in her place during his Boston show, having no idea who she was. Fans’ reaction says it all!

People Praise Pete Holmes For Putting Malia Obama In Her Place For Whispering During His Standup ShowGetty Images / Ideal Image

Pete Holmes’ show almost ‘ruined’ by Malia Obama

Pete Holmes is a true master of comedy! The tickets for his standup shows are always sold out. Not just ordinary people, but celebs as well cross in line to laugh out loud during Holmes’ performances.

During his guest appearance on Conan O’Brien’s show, Pete Holmes was asked about famous people who came to watch his stand-ups over the years.

Pete Holmes took a moment to think for a while and then recalled one hilarious situation with Malia Obama.

Holmes said that during one of his Boston shows, two beautiful young ladies were sitting in the front row. The girls were whispering and giggling all the time.

Finally, when the ladies didn’t react to Pete’s request to calm down, the comedian just covered them with a curtain.

Pete thought the audience would laugh over the funny moment, but everyone kept silent. Only after the show, Holmes found out that one of the giggling girls was the former US President Barack Obama’s daughter Malia.

Pete concluded his story:

And the secret service was like ‘I just like this guy.’

People had diverse reactions to what’s happened. Most of them praised Pete Holmes for putting Malia Obama in her place.

Fans’ comments

@ fim speeway

Bad manners are bad manners no matter who your father is. Well done Pete for calling her out.

@ Katherene Wedic

Why should she be treated any differently - I would expect her family wouldn't approve of said behavior

@ Krista Stenvall

I don't care if she is former president's child, they don't get special treatment just cause :DD

@ will crow

I'm glad the girls are getting out, experiencing life. They needed a little lesson in manners, Pete's a good guy for that. Summer camp counselor, Christian bible camp sing-a-long kinda face. . he's right for the job.

@ izzmedic

Malia is rude and should have been treated that way - just like you would to any other person. Being a presidential child doesn't excuse bad manners.

Malia Obama news

  • Malia Obama is the eldest of two daughters of the former US President and First Lady Barack and Michelle Obama.

  • Malia, who was spotted several times enjoying party time, doesn't like public attention.
  • Once, the former first daughter was spotted having fun with her college pals at a music festival.

  • Several times, paparazzi captured Malia on cameras during getaways with her boyfriend Rory.
  • Rory Farquharson is a smart and good-looking Harvard student. The young lovebirds started dating soon after Malia went to college in 2017.

Of course, it’s not easy to be a first daughter and live under constant attention. Malia Obama knows this firsthand. Malia’s desire to avoid the spotlight is quite understandable. Imagine if your every step has been over-controlled by a secret service, fans, and paparazzi. Annoying, isn’t it?

As for Malia Obama at Pete Holmes’ show, we are pretty sure that both of them will laugh out loud while telling this story to their friends. Frankly speaking, we are still laughing.

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