Author Mitch Albom Opens Up About The Death Of His Daughter At 7 Years Old: "It Was Unimaginable"

Date December 27, 2019 11:39

Author Mitch Albom opens up about the death of his adopted daughter two years ago. The loss dad still mourns his precious child who left the world too soon.

Facts to know about Mitch Albom:

  • Mitch Albom is a successful author, screenwriter, and TV broadcaster.
  • His child dream was to become a musician.
  • Mitch Albom’s book “The Next Person You Meet in Heaven” became a bestseller. Few people know that Albom wrote the book based on his real-life experiences.
  • Mitch and his wife adopted a girl named Chika after being childless for 27 years.

Mitch Albom’s daughter

Mitch Albom and his wife always wanted to have a child. Unfortunately, the couple couldn’t have their own biological kids. Their dream came true when girl Chika appeared in their lives. The girl lived in their orphanage in Haiti.

Albom said about his new role as a father:

After 27 years of being just the two of us – the difference was jolting.

Chika became a center of Mitch and his wife’s universe until the tragedy that hit their family. The girl was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Her adopted parents addressed the best doctors and even relocated to the US to provide Chika with necessary treatment.

Sadly, Chika couldn’t make it. The girl died in 2017. She was just 7 years old.

In memory of the beloved daughter

It took years for Mitch Albom to cope with the grief after losing his child. The loss dad didn’t comment on his personal tragedy at that time.

Now, Mitch could finally tall about his daughter’s passing:

The toughest thing was that so many doctors had just accepted the inevitability of her death. And for a parent, …that is never inevitable. It was unimaginable.

Albom had the warmest memories of his late daughter:

I miss her spirit, her curiosity.

Mitch Albom spends three days per month at the orphanage. It helps him feel alive after Chika’s demise.

Losing your loved ones hurts like an open wound. Losing a child hurts even stronger! We are so sorry for Mitch Albom’s loss. Chika was a little sunshine for her parents. She will always live in their hearts and thoughts!

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