“I’m Excited!” Vanna White Hosts ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ For The First Time In 37 Years After Patrick Sajak’s Health Scare

Date December 10, 2019

Vanna White will host Wheel of Fortune all alone for the first time in 37 years after Patrick Sajak’s recent health scare. What does she feel about her new significant role?

Vanna White on hosting ‘Wheel of Fortune’

We can congratulate fabulous Vanna White on her new tremendous achievement. Vanna will host the people’s favorite show Wheel of Fortune for the first time in 37 years.

Vanna agreed to take this huge responsibility after the show’s longtime host Patrick Sajak had to take a break from his duties after a recent health emergency.

Sajak underwent surgery to correct a blocked intestine. Fortunately, the surgery was successful and Pat is currently on his way to recovery. Nevertheless, Sajak needs a little break from work until his complete recovery.

As for Vanna White, the star confessed she felt very nervous about her new role in the show. She tweeted ahead of her hosting debut:

Tonight’s my first night of hosting Wheel! I’m excited and nervous! Stay tuned!

Fans’ reaction

We think that Vanna White perfectly matches a role of the Wheel of Fortune hostess. And of course, we wish Pat Sajak a rapid recovery and hope he’ll join Vanna on the show soon.

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