‘Magnum, P.I.’ Star Jean Bruce Scott Has Been Happily Married To Her Husband Of 31 Years Randy Reinholz

Date February 11, 2020

Magnum, P.I. star Jean Bruce Scott has been happily married to her husband Randy Reinholz for 31 years and counting. What’s a secret to their happy and lasting marriage?

Jean Bruce Scott’s career

  • Jean Bruce Scott is best-known for her roles in the popular TV series Airwolf, Magnum, P.I., and Matlock.
  • Her debut on television was the role of Jessica Blake in Days of Our Lives.
  • Jean was a director of Native Voices at the Autry and helped produce new playwrights to the stage.
  • Jean Bruce Scott retired from Native Voices in 2019. Her last TV appearance was in Port Charles in 2003.
  • At the present time, the retired actress enjoys her life aside from the spotlight with her beloved husband of many years.

Jean Bruce Scott’s spouse

Jean Bruce Scott has been married twice. Her first husband was Robert Colman. The couple divorced citing irreconcilable differences as the reason for their split. They had no kids together.

Jean’s second and current husband is actor and playwright Randy Reinholz. Actually, Randy was also in Days of Our Lives, although he and Jean starred in the series at a different time.

Randy Reinholz admitted that if he didn’t become an actor, he would probably never meet his charming wife Jean.

Randy wrote:

It was really a charmed moment in my life... I was a poor country boy who earned a degree from Cornell University, and then I actually became an actor in Los Angeles. I also met Jean Bruce Scott, my wife, during that time.

Randy Reinholz is also a co-creator of Native Voices together with Jean Bruce Scott. It means that the spouses have much more in common besides their acting careers. They share the same interests and passions and they both can’t imagine their lives without theatre.

The spouses admitted:

We are thrilled to get the show open and share it with audiences.

Secret to a happy marriage

Jean Bruce Scott and Randy Reinholz have been married for 31 years and counting. But the most important is that the spouses still talk about their marriage as the happiest thing in their lives. What’s their secret?

In one of their joint interviews, Jean and Randy were asked what helped them keep their marriage happy and strong while working together side by side for so many years.

Randy replied:

Find time to end the workday and be with each other. Go for walks or do other forms of movement… Also, sort through what the other person needs to know and what they may not need to know.

Jean added:

A practice we enjoy is taking an extra day before or after business trips to decompress and visit the city or area where we are working.

If these simple yet important rules worked for Jean Bruce Scott and Randy Reinholz during all these years, then we would definitely follow their advice. It’s not so simple to keep that unique chemistry between two people who have been married for more than three decades. It’s not simple, yet possible! Jean Bruce Scott and Randy Reinholz are the vivid proof!

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