Oh My! Kurt Russell’s Handsome Son Boston Is Just A Carbon Copy Of His Eminent Dad

Date December 23, 2019

Kurt Russell’s son from his first marriage has appeared to become a carbon copy of his eminent father. Who is Boston Russell and what does he do for a living? Let’s find out.

Kurt Russell before Goldie Hawn

Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn are probably one of the most lasting and successful celebrity couples. Moreover, for most fans, they are a symbol of the idyllic relationship in Hollywood.

But before meeting Goldie, Kurt Russell was married to an actress and singer Season Hubley. They were married for 4 years and have one son together, named Boston. Nowadays, Boston is all grown-up and looks like a spitting image of his famous dad.

Meet Kurt Russell’s son Boston!

Boston Russell got used to living in the spotlight since his childhood due to his celebrity parents.

The young man has no less famous siblings. We talk about Kurt Russell’s son with Goldie Hawn and his step-kids from Goldie’s previous marriage.

Though Boston was raised in the family of actors and actresses, he chose another life path to himself. Boston works in the entertainment industry as well, but he’s making it behind-the-scenes. The young man also appeared in TV program 60 Minutes.

Kurt Russell admits that he never forced his children to follow in his footsteps. Instead, the legendary actor let his offsprings make their own decisions.

Kurt said:

I believe very much in allowing my children to be who they are and that is how I was brought up.

Well, when we look at the successful, intelligent, and very good-looking Boston Russell, we can say for sure that Kurt’s parenting approach definitely works!

Kurt Russell about his kids

Kurt Russell is a doting father for his sons and his step-kids with Goldie Hawn. Actually, all of them have followed in the parents’ footsteps.

Goldie’s children from her previous marriage, Kate and Oliver Hudson, are successful actors. Kurt and Goldie share son Wyatt together and guess what… he is also an actor.

In one of his interviews, Kurt Russell discussed what he teaches his children. It’s the importance to accept their ups and downs with dignity.

Kurt explained:

Sometimes we fail, sometimes we succeed… I tell my kids: 'you know yourself when you've done a good job and you know when you have let yourself down…Don't blame other people or let them give you a sense of your value.

Golden words, Kurt!

Why Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn are not married

Some people wonder why Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn are still not married if they are so happy with each other and raise children and now grandkids together?!

Goldie Hawn shared her vision of the matter:

I like the idea of being his girlfriend and vice versa.

The actress also shared her point of view about monogamic relationship:

Monogamy is a very tough order…you are attracted to other people, potentially, you have fantasies about that.

But Goldie added that when you’re aware of this risk, you have fewer chances to “screw up.”

As for Kurt Russell, he also has his position about a marital status:

Marriage is an institution that has been around a long time. But we have found no need to involve ourselves in that symbol.

What Kurt Russell meant to say is that when two people love and support each other, raise kids together, and share all ups and downs hand-in-hand, it doesn’t really matter whether they are officially married or not! And what do you think?

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