'The Hills' Spencer Pratt's Father Asked Him To Change His Surname To Remove Any Association

Date November 13, 2019

Spencer Pratt's parents didn't have a showbiz background. It must've been hard for them to handle his twisted reality-star fame. People inquired them about their son's drama stunts on the screen about which they had no idea about.

The family strain was inevitable in such a scenario.

The Hills icon's father, William Pratt is a jawsmith while his mother, Janet a homemaker. He has two sisters: one is biological, Stephanie and the other, Kristin is from his mom's previous marriage.

Embarrassed father

While talking to Brampton Guardian, Pratt recalled the rock bottom moment of his life. After finishing the MTV series, he and his partner, Heidi Montag went bankrupt. The money was gone but, the reputation was staying.

William Pratt was ashamed of his son's character on TV so much that he did want to have any apparent association with him. Spencer elaborated:

My father, who's a respected dentist, asked me to change my last name because he had to keep explaining me away to people. I was depressed; I gained 50 pounds.

The 36-year-old told Touch Weekly that he always finds himself returning to old ways. He wants to entertain the audience and playing a subtle role would just be boring. Nonetheless, he's on the mend. Spencer has a son of his own now with wife Heidi.

How did they lose their fortune?

Heidi confided in People magazine that they wanted to keep up with other celebrities. They started off with $20 million net-worth.

The wife carelessly spent on designer wardrobe while the husband maintained a $1 million crystal collection. They hired bodyguards and full-time staff. Soon that bubble blasted!

Pratt and Montag have rebuilt their life together. The couple is starring in The Hills: New Beginnings. Do you think Spencer would make his father proud this time? It sounds like a good opportunity to reconcile.

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