Bright Smiles All Around! Jenna Bush Celebrates Thanksgiving With Her "Beautiful Family" And Fans Show Them Some Love

Date November 29, 2019 14:49

Jenna Bush Hager's children sure are growing up fast. The TV personality doesn't mind sharing cute snaps of her little ones on social media when the situation calls for it.

Many families celebrate Thanksgiving and some happily share social media photos, but in the case of the Bush twins, Jenna and Barbara, the holiday is extra special.

The former First Daughters were born on November 25 which means that every year, their birthday falls on or near Thanksgiving Day. And this is something the ladies love very much.

They once told SouthernLiving that having their birthday around the holidays guarantees they get to spend time with each other which makes it doubly exciting.

Jenna Bush Hager's Thanksgiving photo

Jenna Bush Hager's Instagram is filled with several family-related photos. Her husband and children often make appearances, proving that she's a proud wife and mother in addition to being a TV host.

So when Thanksgiving, one of the most family-centric holidays rolled around, it wasn't a surprise that she had something wholesome to share.

Jenna Bush Hager's kids joined her and her husband to take a heartwarming snap. Everyone had such happy smiles on their faces, making it clear that they were having a fabulous Thanksgiving celebration.

In the caption, she proclaimed:

How grateful I am!!!!

In this snap, Jenna Bush Hager's family looked beyond adorable. They seemed so close, warm, and blissful. It's hard not to mirror their gleeful smile when looking at this photo.

Compliments for the family

Jenna Bush Hager, one of the Today Show hosts, has garnered loads of fans over the years and boasts of over a million Instagram followers. Many of them couldn't help but praise her family in response to the Thanksgiving photo.


Beautiful family! Happy Thanksgiving to all!


You have such a beautiful family Happy holidays!!


What a beautiful family! Could you ever imagine?

Thanksgiving is a time to be appreciative and also celebrate the love of family. Thanks to social media, we can all get glimpses into how others are celebrating the beautiful holiday and we can be inspired by all the joy and happiness that envelope the world.

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