Oops! President Trump Sparks A Wave Of Mockery After Appearing To Forget The Words To The National Anthem

Date November 12, 2019 16:23

The Donald Trump presidency is one that has come under intense scrutiny since it began. This time around, people had plenty to say after POTUS seemed to struggle with the national anthem.

Weeks after being booed at the World Series game in Washington D.C, Trump received a warmer welcome at the Alabama-LSU football game in Tuscaloosa.

The crowd cheered loudly when Donald and Melania Trump were captured on the big screen scoreboard. Even though there was still a hint of booing, the overall reaction was one of adoration this time around.

A presidential oops moment

Sure, Trump's appearance was greeted with a positive response, but things changed when he was filmed appearing to forget the words to the national anthem.

While at the Alabama college football game, the POTUS was caught on camera at a moment where he stopped singing just before the penultimate line of The Star-Spangled Banner. During the pause, those around him kept on singing.

In the video currently making its way across social media platforms, Donald Trump could be seen looking at the people singing around him before he resumed the song's last line.

This clip reminded people of another time Trump appeared to forget the words to the anthem.


Social media users had plenty to say after they watched the interesting video.

Many people agreed that the clip did indeed prove that the president didn't know the lines to the national anthem and netizens had pretty savage reactions to this fact.

Is Donald Trump really unable to sing all the words in the anthem? Videos like this seem to prove just that but no one can really say for sure. Perhaps, he had his reasons for taking a pause at that particular point or maybe he got lost in thought.

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