Clint Black Doesn't Stop Gushing Over His Lookalike Mother, Especially After His Father's Tragic Death

Date November 18, 2019 16:28

Nothing is more beautiful than a close bond between parents and children. Clint Black comes from quite a big family, making him being attached to each member.

Clint Black's parents, G.A. and Ann Black, have instilled the love for music for their four children. At the age of 13-14, the country musician began to play the instruments, and the parents first noticed that he had "a great voice" at the time. Alongside elder brothers, Mark, Kevin, and Brian, the boyband hosted backyard barbecues and invited the neighborhood to listen to the boys sing on Saturday afternoons. How amazing!

Clint Black's family

The 57-year-old is undoubtedly a mummy's boy! On his social media accounts, the star can't stop gushing over his 83-year-old mother, Ann Black, and pay heartfelt tributes to her.

Clint Black's family pics show his close bond to his mother, with whom he shares the same charming and sincere smile, as well as similar eyes and facial expressions.

Indeed, it is hard to tell whether they've always been so bonding or not, but various photos showcase how much Clint adores his beautiful mother.

Speaking of his dad, G.A. Black, he tragically died at the age of 78. In particular, the superstar's father decided to "end his own suffering" back in 2012.

According to the country singer, the entire family is left devastated and saddened by the news. A representative for the singer says that G.A's the cause of the death was a reported suicide. Black's late dad did not give his family any sign that he might take his own life.

We all must be grateful for alive parents, whom we can hug, talk to, and provide with happiness and joy. Having a family is notably vital, and Clint Black is undoubtedly aware of it.

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