'The Good Doctor' Star Fiona Gubelmann Is Happily Married To College Sweetheart Alex Weed

Date December 9, 2019

Fiona Gubelmann from The Good Doctor is one of the most beloved characters of the show. But not many people know much about her personal life.

Her full name is Fiona Victoria Gubelmann and she has been an actress for several years. Even though she garnered major fame as one of the main cast of The Good Doctor, people who are big fans of American TV series may recognize her for other TV show appearances. She has honed her acting skills on such shows as Parenthood, Criminal Minds, New Girl, and Mad Men.

Fiona Gubelmann's hallmark movie appearances include Royally Ever After and Easter Under Wraps.

Married life

Not much is known about the actress' personal life mostly because she seems to be a pretty private person. Sure, she shares a few details on her social media but for the most part, she keeps things lowkey.

Fiona Gubalmann's husband is Alex Weed, but the date of their wedding isn't one that's readily available to her fans. What we do know is that the couple has been together since college.

According to Distractify, Fiona and Alex met while she was at UCLA.

She was once a pre-med student there but when she auditioned for a play, she realized acting was her passion and decided to pursue it.

It was on this path that she met her future spouse who recently directed his first short film. Alex has also appeared in an episode of The Good Doctor.

In addition to that, the actor has made guest appearances on TV shows like NCIS: Los Angeles, and Pretty Little Liars.

Is Fiona Gubelmann pregnant?

The actress began sparking pregnancy rumors after episodes of The Good Doctor showed her clutching her clipboard in a way that covered her midriff. In medical shows especially, this is often seen as a way to disguise an actress's pregnancy. As a result, people began to get curious about whether or not Fiona and Alex are expecting a baby.

However, upon further observations, it appeared that those same episodes showed her uncovered midriff in a few scenes and it didn't look like there was a baby bump there.

Fiona Gubelmann and Alex Weed appear to be a really private couple so fans are not even sure if they do plan to have kids. But it's nice to know that the two are happy in love and building successful careers. Their supporters root for them, both in marriage and other endeavors.

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