Inside Clint Black And Wife Lisa's 28-Year Marriage: 'I Knew She Could Be Trusted With My Heart'

Date October 30, 2019

Over the years, Clint Black has become one of the most successful and influential country singers out there.

He has captured the hearts of many fans from all over the world but his own heart belongs only to one woman, the love of his life Lisa Hartman.

Clint Black and Lisa Hartman's love story

Clint and Lisa first laid eyes on each other on New Year's Eve in 1990. The actress was there for one of Clint's concerts in London and at the time, the singer wasn't having the best day.

He told CountryLiving that he was battling a cold that day and was very nervous to get on stage. Then his manager introduced him to Lisa and his nerves subsided temporarily.

That first meeting was brief but later on, they met again when Clint was in Los Angeles for an appearance on the Tonight Show. And this was when their relationship started.

Clint said he soon had no doubt that Lisa was the woman for him.

I knew intuitively that she could be trusted with my heart and my life.

Barely 11 months after they first met, Clint and Lisa got married on October 20, 1991. They have now been married for over 20 years and the country singer gave an insight into how things are going.

Lisa is a big reason I've learned to live in my skin.She didn't let fame slow her down. I would've become more reclusive, but she was having none of that.

On how the couple has been able to maintain such a strong connection for so long, Clint explained:

Our marriage, who we are together, guides me. The big question [was], what would the two of us being saying in front of the rest of the world? It had to ring true for who we are.

The couple doesn't take each other for granted and they try to be there for one another, offering complete support and encouragement every step of the way.

In honor of their 28th anniversary

On October 20, 2019. Clint Black gave a sweet shoutout to his wife as they celebrated their anniversary.

He posted a picture of the two of them taken on their wedding day and in the caption, he wrote:

28 years of marriage with my beautiful wife, Lisa. More in love today than ever!

Seeing people who succeed in making their marriage work is an inspiration. Couples like Clint and Lisa are a reminder that fame doesn't have to be a barrier to love and that anyone can get their happy ever after if they are willing to work out it.

Here's to many more blissful years for this talented duo.

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