Smitten Grandma: Joan Lunden Can't Stop Gushing About Her Adorable Grandchildren

Date November 19, 2019

Joan Lunden's 2019 pictures tell us a lot about what the former Good Morning America host is up to these days. Over the years, fans have fallen in love with her awesome personality and journalistic skills.

Her family life has also been interesting for people too. Joan Linden welcomed three children during her first marriage to Michael Krauss. She later married Jeff Konigsberg and during this union, she welcomed 4 more kids (2 sets of twins) via surrogacy.

This makes Joan Lunden a happy mother to 7 beautiful kids altogether.

Now that her children are growing up, it also means Joan gets to welcome grandchildren too. And just as she was with her own kids, she appears to be a devoted grandma too.

Joan Lunden's grandchildren

Despite being a famous journalist, Joan still keeps a few things private. For instance, the public was aware when her eldest daughter Jamie Krauss, had her baby in 2015, which made Joan a grandmother for the second time.

However, details about Joan's first grandchild remained unknown and we assume the family has their reasons for keeping things this way.

The grandkids we do know about are Mason and his younger sibling Asher. And based on the photos Joan Lunden has shared of this little ones as recently as 2019, we can tell that she dotes on her grandbabies.

Joan, whose grandkids refer to as Jo-Jo, was reportedly very pleased when little Mason arrived. Jamie's sister Lindsay said that the grandmom just "couldn't take her eyes off him."

Since then, Joan has shared several pictures of herself and her beautiful family.

Joan Lunden on her children and grandchildren

While responding to a heartwarming post about a woman who learned she was going to be a grandmother, Joan revealed how she felt when this time came for her.

Reposting the sweet video, she said:

As a grandmother of 2, I was completely moved by this video! I will NEVER forget the moment when my daughters told me they were having babies of their own, and I was going to be a grandmother. It’s the best feeling in the world!

Joan Lunden's kids have obviously given the TV personality a reason to be proud thanks to the fact that they made her a grandmother. At 69, she is already enjoying a very full and happy life, not just because of a thriving career but also the presence of the little grandkids that she can't help but gush about.

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