"Awkward!": Daniela Ruah On How It Feels Kissing Her Husband's Brother Eric Christian Olsen On 'NCIS: LA'

Date November 28, 2019

Did you know that NCIS: Los Angeles on-screen couple Eric Christian Olsen and Daniela Ruah are related in real life?

Ruah is actually married to David Paul Olsen, Eric's older brother. We know, mind = blown. David is a former Navy SEAL and acts as a body double to his little brother on the show, and that's how he and Daniela met.

Now that you're all caught up about family ties within the NCIS: LA cast, we want you to remember that Eric's and Daniela's characters Marty and Kensi are married on the show and have kissed before.

Daniela Ruah on kissing her brother-in-law Eric Christian Olsen

Daniela Ruah once paid a visit to Queen Latifa on The Queen Latifah Show and discussed the "awkward" fact that she has to kiss her brother-in-law on the show.

In reality, what we think is super cringey, is just work for Daniela and Eric. As Ruah explained:

I think obvious answer would be 'yes', but at the same time we're so invested in our characters and we're so interested that the audience that has been following these characters is happy with what's happening on the show. We're kinda trying to stay faithful to that more than anything else.

In addition, both Eric's and Daniela's spouses are in film business, so they completely understand:

And, you know, [my husband] is in the business and Eric's wife is an actress, she's in the business and I think everybody knows what that feels like.

If anything, the kissing scenes are actually hilarious to Daniela and Eric, and Ruah can barely contain her laughter when filming with him.

Eric Christian Olsen is happy to be related to Daniela

Olsen once spoke with Country Living about what it's like working with his sister-in-law and he admitted that he was the one who made Daniela and his brother's union possible:

I introduced her to my brother because they are wonderful human beings and I want them to be happy. It worked. They have two amazing kids. And they’re great parents.

Eric can't be happier with his sister-in-law and co-star Daniela Ruah. We're happy to know they're such a wonderful family.