'Happy Days' Star Linda Purl's Constant Heartbreak And 4 Failed Marriages: From Lucille Ball's Son To 3 Other Men That Briefly Stole Her Heart

Date November 19, 2019

Linda Purl is a heavyweight of American television. She's known for her main roles on Happy Days, Matlock, as well as supporting roles on such shows as The Office, the original Hawaii Five-O, Love Boat, and many more.

While Purl's career is very successful, her personal life leaves much to be desired. Let's learn more about Linda's marriages and heartbreaks.

Linda Purl's four failed marriages

The stunning Happy Days star has been married four times in her life, but all of the unions ended in divorce.

Linda's most famous marriage was with Desi Arnaz, Jr., son of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. The couple tied the knot in 1980, but divorced a year later, in 1981.The two did remain friends and still keep in touch.

Seven years after her first marriage crumbled, Purl said 'I do' to screenwriter William Broyles Jr. The two were married 1988 to 1992.

Finally, in 1993, Linda met a man who would give her a child. Screenwriter and producer Alexander Cary and Purl has a son, Lucius in 1995. The two stayed together until 1999, but even a kid couldn't save their love.

For the next 7 years, Linda was alone, but fate had one more man saved for her heart. In 2006, the TV star married James Vinson Adams, but, once again, they weren't meant to last and called it quits in 2011.

The love of Linda's life

There's one man that stayed in Linda Purl's life the moment he entered it - her son Lucius.

Linda and Lucius are incredibly close and spend a lot of time together. The famous actress gave up on romantic relationships after her fourth divorce, so now she dedicates her free time to her son.

Lucius is quite a looker, too!