Jim Carrey Became A Humorist Because He Was Desperate To Make His Ailing Mother Laugh As Relief To Her Pain

Date November 28, 2019

Jim Carrey is a successful comedian and actor that has plenty of fans around the world. But his humour was born out of the need to make his ailing mother laugh.

Jim Carrey’s parents

Carrey known as Hollywood’s king of comedy had many idols in his life, but it was his father, Percy Carrey who helped him become a comedian. Asides from Percy passing on his charm and humor, he was Jim’s biggest supporter and inspiration.

He would drive Carrey to auditions and gigs, until Rodney Dangerfield discovered Jim. He signed Jim and the actor kicked out his career to becoming one of the most celebrated stars in entertainment.

Jim Carrey's mother

The Mask star is one of those people who are able to transform their pain into comedy. From his crumbling personal life, Jim was able to draw his sense of humor.

It all started at the age of 12 when the Canadian actor’s father lost his job and his mom, Kathleen Carrey became sick. At that young age, he understood that his parents needed his love very much and he became desperate to making their lives better.

In a candid interview with CBS back in 2014, Carrey revealed when he discovered his sense of humor. He said:

“Depression. I had a sick mom, man. I wanted to make her feel better.”

Looking at his ailing mother made Jim do things that would make her smile. He was able to successfully channel his depression into stand-up comedy.

The actor took on classes for acting and also became famous for his uncanny celebrity impressions and rubber facial expressions.

Jim Carrey’s daughter Jane

The Bruce Almighty staris also a father himself. He shares daughter, Jane Erin Carrey born September 6, 1987 with ex-wife, actress Melissa Womer. Now, Jane is all grown up and bears a striking resemblance to her famous father. She has a son with her ex-husband, Alex Santana.

Although Jim's father is not alive to witness all he has achieved, his mother would be proud to have such a brilliant actor as a son.

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