'The People's Court' Judge Marilyn Milian Is A Proud Mom To Three Lookalike Daughters: “We Are Breeding Three Super Judges”

Date November 13, 2019 17:14

We mainly know Marilyn Milian as a famous American TV personality, but behind the scenes she is a devoted mother.

Marilyn is the daughter of Cuban immigrants born in Manhattan, NY. She became a lecturer, lawyer, and retired Florida Circuit Court judge. But she popularly known as the presiding judge on the TV series The People's Court.

Milian who became the first Latina judge to preside over a court program has a net worth of $30 million.

Judge Marilyn Milian’s children

But aside from having a successful career as a judge, she is also a proud mother of three amazing daughters, Cristina Schlesinger born in 1996, Alexandra Schlesinger born in 1998, and Sofia Elena Schlesinger.

All three girls bear stunning resemblance to their famous mom. Since 1993, The People's Court star has been married to John Schlesinger a former United States attorney and judge.

During an appearance on Anderson Live, the famous judge opened up on motherhood. Though she admitted that being a motherh can be trying, Marilyn said:

We are breeding three super judges. My children are debaters. They are not afraid of us.

Alongside her husband, she lives in Coral Gables, Florida, raising their daughters.

Meanwhile, Marilyn's daughters are not just beautiful, but they also have beautiful voices. Together all three of them sound like angels. Watch this awesome video of the girls singing below:

Marilyn Milian is a devoted mom and incredibly proud of her three daughters.

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