James Brolin Lets On About Being A Grandpa And Giving Important Acting Advice To Son Josh As He Started His Acting Career

Date November 8, 2019 17:15

James Brolin is a happy man but he’s not referring to his capacity as a veteran Hollywood actor who has enjoyed immense success. James Brolin is proud of his son, John Brolin, whose performance as Thanos on Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame struck fear and entertained audiences.

James Brolin, who’s best known for his role on Marcus Welby, M.D, which won him a Golden Globe Award, told The Hollywood Reporter that it wasn’t easy for his son to grow up with a famous dad.

In his own words, James shared that Josh once said to him that “I would never go into your business,” because he got picked on in school because his dad was famous. But a big lesson both James and Josh learned is “never say never” since in time, Josh filled his father’s big shoes as an actor.

James Brolin on being a grandpa and advice to his son

When he went on Access, James Brolin gave fans a sneak peek into his life now that he’s a grandfather. Answering a question from the hosts, James confessed that between him and his wife Barbra Streisand, he’s the one more likely to change their granddaughter's diapers.

His confession gave viewers an interesting look into his personal life, revealing that despite his fame, he still makes time for his family. Josh Brolin's cute 1-year-old daughter Westlyn is a favorite for the grandfather.

But one question that took James by surprise was when he was asked how it felt to be Thanos’ dad. When Mario Lopez, a host on the show asked that question, the 79-year-old actor gave an honest reply, “I don’t understand that movie.”

Truth be told, the movie was a tad bit confusing and it’s easy to see how the intensive CGI pictures, time travel, and the trips in an out of the galaxy, could throw a grandpa off. But on a lighter note, James shared that before his son became an actor, he gave him some advice.

Don’t be a leading man, ever. Be a character actor and you’ll work forever.

James’ logic was that “a leading man” has a very short time span in the film industry because once a story is finished, that can be the end. But despite his advice, John went on to take the role of Thanos and after the immense success he enjoyed, his dad was surprised too.

A father’s greatest joy is to see his children become successful and we can safely say that James Brolin has safely checked this box.

Do you agree with James’ confusion with the Avengers film? Did you understand the story?