“Is It Really About Me Being Pregnant?” Former "GMA" Host Joan Lunden, A Mother To 7, Had 2 Sets Of Twins Via A Surrogate After 50!

Date November 8, 2019

For nearly 2 decades, Joan Lunden was a mainstay in many American homes and her role on Good Morning America, alongside co-host Charlie Gibson, touched many hearts. But while many know her for her work, the TV personality had a great life when the cameras went off too. Joan Lunden’s children were the reason she woke up every day, as she challenged herself to do better, and be greater.

Joan Lunden has 7 kids but had 4 of them with surrogate help

Many mothers struggle with having children naturally but through surrogacy, they get an opportunity to have children. In her first marriage to Michael Krauss, Joan Lunden gave birth to 3 children but sadly, they divorced in 1982.

In 2002, the mom of 3 got married again to Jeff Konigsberg. Unlike her first marriage, this time around, Lundren realized that she could no longer have kids naturally. Speaking to MSNBC Lundren shared that after trying vitro-fertilization several times to no avail, she accepted that she couldn’t have kids.

When you're approaching 50, it's also a time game and you have to ask yourself, Is it really about me being pregnant, or is it about parenting and having babies?

In 2003, Lundren and Konigsberg became pioneers as a celebrity couple that used the help of a surrogate mother to have kids. In 2009, the journalist told the New York Times that while she could not have kids, she was not done being a mother.

It's almost like we can't cook the cupcakes in our oven because the oven is broken… We're going to use the neighbor's oven.

Through help from surrogates, they got 2 sets of twins, Kim, Kate, Jack, and Max, who made Lundren a happy mother to 7 beautiful kids.

Being a new mom over 50 wasn’t as hard as it sounds

Sharing with MSNBC, Lundren revealed that while it may sound daunting, raising newborns over 50 is possible. She shared that she got strength from connecting with other women her age who became parents when they were a little older.

I know so many people right now, even just within my own realm of friends that are doing the same thing.

As she approaches 70, Joan Lundren is the proud matriarch of a very big family and she wouldn’t have it any other way. She felt that she needed more kids and after all else failed, she got help from surrogate mothers and everything worked out perfectly.

What do you think of Joan Lundren’s decision to have kids? If you wanted to, would you raise infants after 50?

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