“I Wanted To Be Asked”: Single Oprah Winfrey Opens Up Why She Still Hasn’t Said ‘I Do’ To Stedman Graham

Date January 16, 2020

Oprah Winfrey shared her vision on relationship with her boyfriend Stedman Graham as multiple fans still keep speculating about why the lovebirds haven’t tied the knot yet. Oprah explained why it works for them.

“I Wanted To Be Asked”: Single Oprah Winfrey Opens Up Why She Still Hasn’t Said ‘I Do’ To Stedman GrahamGetty Images / Ideal Image

Oprah Winfrey and Stedman Graham

  • Oprah Winfrey and Stedman Graham have been in a successful relationship for more than three decades.
  • Stedman Graham is a well-known author and businessman.

  • Fans constantly keep wondering why Oprah and Stedman don’t want to make things official.
  • Oprah once gave an inside look into her relationship with Stedman, saying that “it’s quite normal.”
  • As for Graham, he confessed it’s not so easy to be in a relationship with the powerful and famous woman, but he added that he is not threatened by Oprah Winfrey’s money and success:

That’s who she is!

Why their relationship works

In her recent post on The Oprah Magazine, Winfrey made it loud and clear that marital status has no influence on her special bond with Graham.

The host explained why she has no plans to get married:

I realized I didn't actually want a marriage. I wanted to be asked.

Oprah shed light on what keeps their union with Stedman happy and strong for more than 30 years:

Our relationship works because he created an identity beyond being "Oprah's man"… And because we share all the values that matter.

Finally, she wrote about her beloved one Stedman:

He's appropriately named because he's steady as a mountain. Even-tempered, accountable, trustworthy.

Oprah Winfrey: kids plans

65-year-old Oprah Winfrey still has no kids. Surprisingly, but some people think it’s almost a ‘crime’ to be child-free at her age. But Winfrey doesn’t listen to anyone as she admits she has no regrets about her childless status.

Oprah explained her position on this matter:

I have had the highest regard for women who choose to be at home with their kids, because I don’t know how you do that all day long.

As you may see, Oprah Winfrey is totally satisfied with her personal life. Nobody knows what’s going on behind other people’s closed doors. If Oprah Winfrey and Stedman Graham are fine with their ‘single’ status, it’s their choice and we should respect their position. The most important is that these two love and support each other no matter what. We wish the lovebirds to keep their chemistry alive for many more upcoming years!

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