Who Is ‘NCIS: New Orleans’ Necar Zadegan’s Husband? Actress And Co-Star Gadi Erel Have Been Secretly Engaged For Years

Date November 14, 2019 09:59

Is NCIS: New Orleans Necar Zadegan married or not?! OMG! This is probably one of the most frequently asked questions among the series’ fans. No wonder, as Necar used to keep her personal life aside from the spotlight.

Necar Zadegan: married or single?

Fans know the young and talented actress Necar Zadegan for her appearance in many successful TV series, including 24, Lost, CSI: Miami, and of course NCIS: New Orleans.

Necar speaks 4 languages, plays guitar, and has great vocal skills. Her vivid personality combined with hard work made Zadegan’s acting career a huge success.

In the rare interviews, the actress enjoys talking about her work and, at the same, Necar keeps her personal life under lock and key.

Necar Zadegan’s relationship status is, indeed, very interesting as fans still can’t figure it out whether the star is married or not.

The matter is that back in 2009, Necar shared a lovely tweet mentioning actor Gadi Erel and disclosed the existence of some tender feelings between the two of them.

Necar and Gadi met in 2008 on set of In Another Life. Since that time, there’ve been a lot of rumors in the press considering whether the co-stars were dating or not.

Finally in 2010, Zadegan confirmed her relationship status. In an interview with Sarah Toce, Necar announced that she and Gadi Erel had been engaged.

It’s been almost 10 years since that time, but fans still don’t know whether the lovebirds tied the knot or not. Necar and Gadi keep the intrigue about their marital status. However, their sweet public appearances together give fans the right to suggest that the actors are still together.

Necar Zadegan’s onscreen husband

Though Necar Zadegan keeps her personal life secret from public eyes, her onscreen relationship is much more open.

Necar’s onscreen husband Ryan Porter in the popular series NCIS: New Orleans is portrayed by handsome actor Hal Ozsan.

Hal was born in Cyprus but has spent most of his life in London. Ozsan is also a successful screenwriter and producer.

Necar Zadegan is a master of surprises. The actress managed to keep her engagement under seven locks and now she keeps intriguing fans by her marital status. But what we know for sure is that no matter whether Necar Zadegan is married or not, she is happy in her current relationship. And we are happy for her!

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