Jenna & Barbara Bush Reflect On Their Childhood, Growing Up As Twins & Evolving Together

Date November 13, 2019

Jenna and Barbara Bush have shared a life of wonders. They are not identical but, as fraternal twins, the two ladies are not too different from each other. Their personalities match and that resulted in a great childhood.

Let's hear from them how it felt like living an integrated legacy.

The former First Sisters have been super close. They were the perfect embodiment of 'one plus one equals eleven'. Jenna & Barbara used to gang up on their mom. When they got together, Laura Bush had no stand being a strict parent. Their bond was so strong that even she often felt a little left out.

The build-in partners

Jenna and Barbara appeared on Today's 3rd hour to promote their child's book, Sisters First. They told Al Roker, Craid Malvin, and Sheinelle Jones how the book chronicles their own childhood. As kids, the twins used to imagine themselves as cats, even mermaids.

As they grew up, Jenna's husband, Henry accepted Barbara on their team as well. They have successfully evolved together and things haven't changed after their respective marriages. Barbara chimed in:

I have more fun when Jenna is around. So, I love being around her.

The co-hosts told her, she is not alone in that. The siblings explained how they explored the memories together while writing the book. They got to relive those stories and reflected on the importance of family.

People just adore them

@Laura Cropper:

Cracks me up how Jenna looks like her dad and Barbara looks like the mom. Beautiful family ! 💜

@Sharon Boswell:

I love how Jenna call Barbara "sissy"💜

@Christine Gottemoeller Dittman:

They are so cute together!

@Roger Ryan Foster:

Great, you can work together.Congratulations!

The Bush sisters make us go: Awww! They are fascinating in every way. Jenna and Barbara have achieved so much despite distinctive careers. George and Laura must be so proud of them!