Legacy Denied: Tyra Banks Doesn't Want Her Son York To Follow His Mom's Modelling Footsteps

Date November 5, 2019 14:34

A celebrity child is entitled to their parents' talent. He has to carry the legacy and become better than them. But, Tyra Banks' son holds no such obligation. Is the mother prohibiting it or she wants him to explore his own fate?

During the 2010s, America's Next Top Model host dated a Norwegian photographer, Erik Asla. The couple welcomed their biological child in January of 2016 and named him York. Tyra shared his photo on Mother's day in which she was seen holding the angelic baby with a broad smile on her face.

Not to become a showpiece

Tyra Banks' kid won't become a young model despite every opportunity. Just because the skill is in his genes doesn’t mean that his mother would push the 3-year-old in front of the camera.

The 45-year-old businesswoman talked to Us Weekly at the Breakthrough Prize ceremony on Sunday, November 3. When asked if she'd make York follow her footsteps, Banks replied:

Only if he wants to. I’m not really into that. If you notice, I don’t put him on social media. I feel like he hasn’t asked for that, so I try to protect him as much as I can.

She further revealed that York didn't have to learn her famous "smize", smiling with the eyes. He just knows how to do it, naturally.

People realize York's destiny and already admire him

@Bridget Cunningham-Robinson:

What a cutie

@Loni Aurora Smith Gray:

He looks just like his mama and already has those fierce poses down!! Lol

@Kristie Moe:

Those eyes! :)
He's got his beautiful mama's eyes!

@Alyssa Nicole:

Ok.. This kid is so cute looks just like his mom. He definitely will be a future model.

Either way, the mother knows best! We hope to see York emerge as a young star but, only at his own terms. Share this and send love to the cutie!

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