Eamonn Holmes Posts Cute Pic Of Himself And Wife Ruth Langsford But Fans Warn Him To Stay Away From Her Co-Host Coleen Nolan

Date November 26, 2019

Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford seem to have a really amazing marriage. A few months ago, the TV host revealed that he believed he was the more “emotional one” in their relationship.

He went on to add that he loved Ruth “far more” than she loved him but this was something Ruth herself disagreed with.

On what could be the reason for this, Eamonn explained that it could be due to their “different nationalities and upbringings” as he was from an “emotional” and “sentimental” family.

Eamonn Holmes photo with Ruth Langsford

The TV presenter recently shared a picture of himself and his beautiful wife Ruth. The couple seemed so happy together standing in front of a bright and colorful Christmas tree.

There’s a lot to love about this picture but it seemed to be the perfect opportunity for fans to remind Eamonn of an interesting conversation that took place recently.

While on Loose Women, Ruth and co-host Coleen Nolan disagreed on whether a spouse was allowed to hold hands with another person in a non-intimate way.

As Coleen argued that holding hands could be innocent, she said:

Say you were walking across the street and Eamonn said, ‘Quick Coleen, there’s a car coming…

At this point, she took her fellow panelist’s hand as a way to show there are innocent hand-holding examples.

Eamonn Holmes’ wife quipped back that if Coleen held Eamonn’s hand that way, “you’d be dead to me.”


Fans obviously remembered this Loose Women episode and on Eamonn’s post with his wife, they warned him against Coleen, implying that she must be interested in him.


Watch that Coleen she’s got her eye on you.


Don’t be holding anyone else hand under the table or you’re dead.


Ruth tell Coleen to keep her hands on the table.


Glad you had a nice time. You both work hard & deserve the best bless.

Coleen’s comments on Loose Women and fans’ reaction to Eamonn’s post could simply all be in good fun. In the end, Ruth probably has nothing to worry about as Eamonn seems to have eyes for just his beloved wife.

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