It's Like They Don't Age: Kelly Ripa And Husband Mark Consuelos Share Throwback Family Photo And Fans Are In Awe

Date November 6, 2019

Kelly Ripa and husband Mark Consuelos make a very beautiful couple. Over the years, fans have seen them grow together and celebrate special moments. But how have they both managed to remain so youthful and vibrant?

Kelly is a 49-year-old woman who looks as good as any lady in her 20s. And it turns out this is not an accident.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Kelly revealed that she isn't very rigid when it comes to her diet. If she feels like eating something unhealthy, she does so. But for her, moderation is key so she tries to keep a good balance overall. In addition, she also told NY Daily News that she works out "every day" and this is simply a part of her life.

Kelly Ripa and husband Mark Consuelos' throwback photo

The Live! with Kelly and Ryan host recently posted a 15-year-old throwback picture of herself and her family.

In the picture, we see a beautiful Kelly with her spouse and their three kids who were much younger. Somehow, Kelly and Mark look the same in the photo as they do today as they barely show any signs of aging.

In the caption, Kelly said she just found the photo in their album and knew she just had to share. Then she added "#2003 #2004" giving an idea of what year the picture was taken.

The photo showed Kelly holding her daughter, Lola, who would have been about two or three years old at the time. Mark carried little Joaquin, possibly about a year old and their oldest son Micheal stood smiling by his father's side.

Kelly, Mark, and Michael flashed happy smiles while the younger kids maintained an adorable expression on their faces.

Fans are loving it

In reaction to this amazing throwback snap, Kelly Ripa's fans can't help but compliment the family.


So awesome.


Oh my goodness!! I looooove this sooooo much!!!


Such a sweet family. What a treasure to find.

Truly, there's something very cool about finding treasures like this when you least expect it. It can bring back some amazing memories and in this case, it can remind Kelly and Mark to keep doing whatever it is that helps them stay so youthful.

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