Charlize Theron Gets Candid About Experiencing "Panic" And Backlash After She Gained A Lot Of Weight For A Movie Role

Date November 25, 2019

Charlize Theron's role in the 2003 movie Monster was probably one of the most iconic she has ever played.

In the film, Charlize played the character, Aileen Wuornos. She did such a fantastic job in her performance that she won an Oscar for the role.

Apart from her acting skills, one of the things people couldn't stop talking about was Charlize Theron's weight gain for the movie role. The actress was determined to portray her character as accurately as she could so she made the controversial decision to pile on the pounds.

She has since opened up about that decision and how people reacted to it.

Criticism for Charlize Theron on Monster

The Oscar-winning actress opened up about how she was criticized for gaining weight for the movie.

Charlize Theron talked about Monster in the interview and revealed that packing on 30 pounds for the role nearly prevented people from investing in the film.

She told fellow producers at The Hollywood Reporter's Producer Roundtable:

As soon as I started gaining weight, I had one of the financiers call me up. Actually, his wife saw me, and she was like, 'Did you see Charlize? Have you seen what she looks like?' And I got that call, like, 'What's going on with that?'

The actress revealed that the financier told her she looked "horrible," which had her second-guessing her choice.

So you panic a little bit because you are putting yourself out there, and you are taking a risk, and when you do that, you are not a hundred percent sure. You are taking a chance. So there is a part of you that second-guesses, right? And you are like, ‘Well, maybe I did go too far with this.' Then you realize you have to stand that ground.

She did stand her ground, though. And judging by Charlize Theron's success in the Monster movie, her decision paid off.

Charlize Theron's weight loss diet struggles

To play the role of Marlo for the film Tully, Charlize also had to gain some weight here as well. She told Entertainment Tonight that she had to pile on up to 50 pounds for her role, but losing it was a whole other struggle.

Charlize Theron Gets Candid About Experiencing "Panic" And Backlash After She Gained A Lot Of Weight For A Movie RoleGetty Images / Ideal Image

She revealed to the publication that she faced depression thanks to this weight gain.

Charlize Theron did succeed in losing the extra weight after both film roles. According to Harper's Bazaar, her diet secrets include regular Pilates and a generally plant-based diet.

As an actress, there are times you have to push the boundaries to truly get into a role. Charlize has proven that, despite criticisms, she doesn't mind making a controversial choice not once, but at least twice. And in the end, it sounds like she did the right thing as she's now considered quite the legendary actress.

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