Peter Andre "Feels Sorry" For Katie Price And Offers To Financially Support Their Children, As She Has Major Financial Struggles

Date December 4, 2019 14:12

Peter Andre and Katie Price once seemed to be the perfect couple. However, their love story eventually came to an end. Despite that, these two seem to have a pretty decent relationship with each other, perhaps due to the fact that they share two kids. And now that Katie is facing some hard times, it sounds like her ex-husband is there for her.

Katie Price recently declared bankruptcy at a London court after she struggled to pay back some of her debts. According to INews, the model was once reported to be worth millions of dollars but somehow, this slipped away over time.

A lot could have led to her having money problems today, one of which may be due to a lack of control of her finances. She once told The Telegraph that her brother and "another guy" handled her money and she didn't know exactly how much she had.

Katie Price receives support from Peter Andre

According to the UK Sun, sources have revealed that Peter Andre has reached out to Katie Price following her bankruptcy declaration.

The insiders claimed that Peter suspected something like this could happen but he was "far from happy" about how things turned out.

The sources said:

He feels sorry for Katie. He has a soft heart and, despite their differences, he wouldn't want to to see the mother of his kids suffer.

It was reported that Peter phoned his ex-wife to let her know that he was "sad" to hear about the bankruptcy and the mother-of-5 appreciated the gesture.

Katie Price and Peter Andre's children, Junior and Princess, are not likely to be affected by this money problem. The insiders said that Peter offered to look after them financially until his ex got back on her feet.

Fans are impressed

In reaction to these reports, some people praised the Mysterious Girl hitmaker for being so gracious to his ex-wife.

They, however, suggested that Katie didn't deserve his kindness.

Regardless of people's opinion, it makes sense for Peter to reach out to his former wife during such a difficult time. Whether or not she deserved it, the singer has shown himself to be a real gentleman to the mother of his children. And that deserves an applause.

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