'Full House' Andrea Barber Talks For The First Time About A Heart-Wrenching Divorce That Led To Depression

Date November 18, 2019 16:01

We all are aware of the Full House star Andrea Barber's thriving career, but not all of us may be aware of her personal life — Andrea Barber and her ex-husband Jeremy Rytky divorced after 12 years of marriage.

The couple met each other in 2000 and decided to spend a couple of years together before tying the knot. In 2002, Andrea and Jeremy got married and spent a bit more than a decade together before the split in 2014. Andrea never revealed information about her relationship with her former husband. However, it is known that the couple has two children together: a son, Tate, and a daughter, Felicity.

Andrea Barber's divorce

In November 2019, the Full House star decided to open up about a heart-wrenching divorce and the battle with depression in the Watch With Us podcast.

So much of me has changed, and I'm such a different person today than I was when I started this whole journey. I think this applies to anyone.

Moreover, in Barber's memoir, Full Circle: From Hollywood to Real Life and Back Again, she shed on the details on the split from her ex-husband, Jeremy Rytky, after 12 years together. Sharing her pain for the first time, the actress told Us Weekly:

The divorce chapter was the hardest chapter to write, and I put it off as long as possible because I was just kind of dreading it and avoiding it. I constantly questioned, 'How much do I want to share? I want to be honest, but I want to respect the privacy of my ex-husband and my kids.' I didn't want to throw anybody under the bus.

The American actress candidly revealed she doesn't have negative things to say about her former husband and the father to her two children. Instead, she said they are "great friends."

Nonetheless, the divorce led to depression, as it often happens when people have to end their marriage. In the memoir, she highlighted that it was hard for her to get back into a happy place, as she really struggled with the depressive state.

Barber concluded that with the help of her family, friends, and psychotherapist, as well as specific concert, New Kids on the Block, helped to pull her out of her funk.

Tips on dealing with divorce

Such a process is individual for everybody. Someone will be grateful for ending a toxic relationship, while others will cry their eyes out. Mental Health America points out several tips on dealing with the separation:

  • Recognize that it's OK to have different feelings. Feeling frustrated, anxious, shattered is totally alright, and it is, therefore, important to accept these feelings as they are.
  • Give yourself a break.
  • Don't go through this alone. Sharing your feelings with family, friends, or a support group can help you get through this period.
  • Take care of yourself, emotionally and physically.
  • Think positively.

Going through a divorce is no way easy. Though Andrea Barber feels happy and comfortable now, she went through a real-life hell, becoming an example of how to cope with depression and split aftermaths.

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