New Marriage, New Face: Dr. Paul Nassif Undergoes A Facelift Shortly After Marrying His 28-Year-Old Wife

Date November 5, 2019 14:50

On October 6, 2019, Dr. Paul Nassif married his 28-year-old partner, Brittany Pattakos, in a lavish wedding ceremony in Santorini, Greece. In fact, they wed on September 28 in Los Angeles but decided to celebrate part two in one of the ancient countries in the world.

Both Paul and Brittany shared a bunch of incredible wedding pictures on social media, celebrating their love with the closest people to the heart.

Dr. Nassif's facelift

Have you noticed anything different about Dr. Paul Nassif's appearance? He had undergone a facelift, and his colleague, Terry Dubrow, has a hilarious reaction.

In a quick video, the newlywed showed a video on hid iPad, featuring his surgery to get rid of "flying squirrel" — Terry's joke on Paul's neck. As a throwback moment, Dubrow was seen grabbing Nassif's joules while likening him to the silly-sounding woodland creature.

After the incident, the surgical fixer-upper decided to do a facelift, shocking his co-star. In the video, he is heard saying:

I just went and had a deep plane facelift less than 24 hours ago. Terry keeps making fun of me with that neck...

People's reactions

@Stephen Robinson:

Damn he looks good... I want his doctor to work on me! 🤣🤣🤣

@Sherri Barnhill:

Davis She looks younger than Adrianne’s boy toy. 😉 And I feel you Paul. The lines around my mouth are driving me crazy too. 😏

@Patti Porter Nock:

Looking good!

@Robin Joy Smith:

I like you Paul, but stop lying, of course it does

Dr. Paul Nassif said his recent facelift has nothing to do with his 28-year-old wife. Do you believe him?