Peter Andre Can't Celebrate Christmas Happily After Losing His Brother In 2012: "He's Always In My Thoughts"

Date December 18, 2019

Peter Andre's brother Andrew tragically died at 54 years old in 2012, following a 10-month-battle with kidney cancer. The singer believes his sibling could have been saved if he had been diagnosed earlier. Peter and his family were left devastated and shattered after Andrew Andre's death.

Seven years later, the A-lister said the pain of the loss was still too hard to cope with, and the family even didn't bring this topic into their communication.

Peter Andre's family

The English-born Australian singer's life has never been the same after losing his dearest brother to kidney cancer in 2012. Peter Andre's sibling unintentionally influenced his personal life, too.

Peter Andre found himself deeply depressed following his brother's death that he asked his wife Emily to leave him. He explained:

I told her: 'You can either stay and stick with me through this, which I personally wouldn't, or you can go.' And she said: 'It's not even a question, we are going to get through it together.'

The Mysterious Swing hitmaker was truly devastated as he was very close to his brother. Andrew Andre shocked the entire family, as it was the first time for them to lose somebody so beloved.

Moreover, Christmas is not a very festive and joyous time for Peter, as he strongly regrets not spending any of his holidays with his late brother. Besides, Andrew died in December 2012.

If I could turn back time, my wish would be to spend another Christmas with him. We were never able to spend Christmas together as we were never in the same country at the same time. The only year we did was the year Andrew sadly died. He's always in my thoughts, but especially at this time of year.

Nonetheless, Peter Andrew's brother is still remembered by so many. In 2019, the TV personality marked Andrew's seventh anniversary of his passing in an emotional post. The hitmaker shared an image of a cloud stairway leading up to bright light in the sky with the heartbroken caption:

Seven years today. I hurt so much losing you :(((( I still hurt every day :((( I miss you, my brother.

Thanks to Peter's wife, whom she married in 2015, he found the inner strength to battle depression and panic attacks, which he first developed back in 1998.

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