"Leave Her Alone!" Elton John Halts Performance To Yell At Security Guard Who Was Removing A Woman From His Show

Date December 3, 2019 16:18

An Elton John concert is something many fans of the musician look forward to. Granted, considering his impressive musical talent, these events are definitely far from boring. But recently, he gained even more cheers from the crowd thanks to his heroic actions.

Elton has been doing such a fantastic job on his Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour that people were always looking forward to his next show. However, in October, he was forced to cancel a performance in Indianapolis because he felt "extremely unwell."

After stating that he hated to let his fans down, he assured them that he would deliver only the best shows as soon as he was back on his feet.

Elton John lashes out at security guards

On Sunday, December 1, the 72-year-old singer proved he was a no-nonsense man after he slammed concert security guards who were trying to remove a woman from his show.

During one of his shows in Australia, he spotted two bouncers escorting a female fan out of the venue and he felt so angry that he started yelling at them.

In a video posted on Twitter, it appeared that Elton had halted his performance to address the bouncers, saying:

Hey, you two security guards with the girl, f*** off. Let her up here immediately… come on, you c****. Mo**ns, both of you, mo**ns. You don’t treat girls like that. Leave her alone, you tur**!

The crowd sure appreciated this show of heroism from Elton John as they cheered and applauded his defense of the fan.

Reactions to this piece of Elton John news

The video ignited several responses from social media users, many of whom hailed the singer for standing up to the guards.

Elton John clearly wasn't comfortable with seeing a woman being manhandled during his show and his passionate rant showed that he wasn't about to sit idly back while this happened. It was pretty cool of him to take a moment from his performance stand up for this lady, wasn't it?

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