Duane 'Dog' Chapman's Daughter Exploded In Fury Over Woman Who Made A Move On Her Father

Date December 23, 2019

People are quite interested to know if Dog The Bounty Hunter has a girlfriend. Duane Chapman lost his wife, Beth, in June 2019 and it makes sense that fans are hoping he finds love again. The loss of a spouse is truly one of the most devastating ones a person will ever experience and Duane is being supported by many people through this loss.

The reality star has spoken about the possibility of finding comfort in the arms of another partner during this tough time. During an interview with People, he implied that even though he might have tested the waters, in the end, he realized that there was no love like that of his late wife.

When your spouse dies, as a man, I mean as me, so generally probably everybody, you’re released from that obligation of being married. So your mind and you go crazy. And then after a while, you realize that never will no one ever love me as much as she did. And I will probably never love anyone else as much as I loved her.

Dog The Bounty Hunter and his wife were very close and appeared to be so in love with each other. Since her death, he has been quite open about his grief. He spoke with reporters shortly after the painful loss and said that it wasn't something he saw coming.

It came really unexpected, really fast. We didn’t even…all of her clothes are exactly where they were. Her makeup. Everything is…everything we didn’t prepare.

Duane Chapman's daughter slams a possible new girlfriend

Based on these words by Duane 'Dog' Chapman on the death of his wife, it's safe to say that this loss is one he will mourn for a while. So it made sense that his daughter Lyssa felt he just wasn't ready to move on after a woman made a pass at him.

In a Twitter post, Lyssa attacked a woman she referred to as Mary and accused her of being the "lowest scum" for making a move on Duane only weeks after he lost his wife.

In another post, she called Mary out again for what she believed to be inappropriate behavior.

It was reported that Lyssa was referring to a woman named Moon Angell who has worked with the family for a while.

Lyssa Chapman's grief

Lyssa Chapman's previous posts about her late stepmother showed how hard the loss has been on her and how much she'll miss Beth.

Lyssa once reposted a video of Beth and in her own caption, she expressed her love for her dad's late wife.

A few weeks ago, she also shared a snapshot to honor the memory of her stepmother. She posted a picture of Duane, Beth, and their baby. In the caption, she referred to them as her "superheroes."

Beth and Lyssa's closeness made it easy to see why Lyssa was defensive when it seemed like someone else was trying to take Beth's place in her father's life. While we do not know all the details about 'Mary' and Duane, we do know that Lyssa is determined to look out for her dad no matter what.

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