Alyson Stoner Gets Real On How Being A Child Star And Coming Out Have Affected Her Life: "You Had So Many Different Outside Pressures"

Date November 13, 2019 11:59

Alyson Stoner is an American actress that began showing up on our screens at a young age. She's very well known for her role in such films as Cheaper by the Dozen and the Step Up series.

In addition to being an actress, Alyson has proven herself to be an impressive dancer having featured in several music videos for artists like Missy Elliot, Eminem, and Will Smith.

Many people grew up watching this talented star on TV and they've seen her voice several animated characters too. Now, Alyson is opening up about how her fame has impacted her life.

Alyson Stoner Gets Real On How Being A Child Star And Coming Out Have Affected Her Life: "You Had So Many Different Outside Pressures"Getty Images / Ideal Image

Effect of being a child star

Alyson Stoner recently sat with ET's Katie Krause and opened up about her new podcast Simplexity and how it's aimed at simplifying complex topics with the help of experts and professionals.

On growing up famous, Alyson said that they always had so much going on in her home when she was a child.

You know, I was performing at the age of three, so you had so many different outside pressures.

The actress added that she was helping to support her family at that age and there were a lot of things she was responsible for.

So, it's a very difficult and complex relationship I think for parents and children in entertainment.

Alyson Stoner came out in 2018 in an article for Teen Vogue. At the time, people warned her that being openly gay would impact her career negatively.

The actress revealed that there have been positive and negative effects of opening up about falling in love with a woman. She said that while the reactions are mostly positive, there is now an issue of exploitation.

People are exploiting the queer community, right? And you're looking at, like, creating more products and services targeting queer people just for brands to look thoughtful and inclusive.

She said she isn't "fooled" by the attention and all that matters to her is to create an environment where people feel safe and comfortable to talk about feelings and experiences without judgment.

Adoring fans

It became pretty clear that Alyson's fans are excited to hear what she has to say based on the comments following her revelations.

This actress has proven herself to be a truly gifted star. It's nice for people to see that she's still sharing positive messages and making people feel good. Fans who have supported her for years wish her all the best with future adventures.

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