Catherine Zeta-Jones Attempts To Take Generational Selfie With Teen Daughter And Mother, But Things Went Hilariously Wrong

Date November 11, 2019 16:34

Snaps taken of Catherine Zeta-Jones in 2019 are just as beautiful as those taken many years ago. At age 50, this actress remains as gorgeous as ever.

Apart from her beauty, people are also fascinated with Catherine's closeness with her daughter Carys. In fact, fashion brand Fendi celebrated them as mother/daughter goals recently when the duo posed together for a series of photos.

Catherine told Hello! Magazine that she and her daughter are close and they "talk about everything" and Carys added that she considered herself "lucky" to have this type of bond with her mom.

Generational selfie gone wrong

One instance that clearly showed the closeness in this family was a recent video shared by Catherine on Instagram.

The actress, her mother, and 16-year-old Carys were excited to take a lovely generational selfie, possibly for the 'gram, but things didn't exactly go as planned.

In the video, they had a lot to cope with including getting all three faces in the shot and the constant joking and laughing. Basically, there was no way any of them could stay still for a decent picture.

However, people didn't really mind because their beautiful fail ended up showing the closeness of these three ladies. Carys joked easily with her mother and grandma and all three seemed so lively and fun.

In fact, this sweet clip told a more powerful story of their love than a picture would have.

Fans are awed

People commented on this sweet post and many of them felt warmed by the wholesomeness of the whole thing.

@mcateezetajones commented:

Lol cuties! Sending you all much love from Sweden! said:

You are very beautiful Catherine.


Don't forget nanna.

@raphaelsalley described the whole thing as "Amazing."

Showing the world a perfect look at your family is great. But sometimes, it's the beautiful imperfection that ends up touching the most hearts. There's something to be said for capturing a real family moment without filters or any editing. This is exactly what's seen in this lovely video.

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