“Everyone's Worried About Your Personal Life”: Miranda Lambert Gets Candid About Her Frustration With Divorcing Blake Shelton In The Spotlight

Date November 13, 2019 18:16

Award-winning singer Miranda Lambert is getting candid about her frustration with the highly publicized divorce from her ex Blake Shelton.

Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton’s divorce

In 2015, Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton’s love story came to a sudden end. The power couple split after 4 years of marriage.

They met when Shelton was still married to his first wife in 2005. He got divorced the following year and started dating Miranda shortly after. Miranda and Blake married in 2011, sadly their union didn’t get a happily ever after.

Miranda Lambert on Blake Shelton

Miranda and Blake were one of country music’s power couples. Sadly, their love story ended in divorce. It was a very difficult time for the blonde singer as everything was public.

Now, the award-winning superstar is opening up about her frustration with the divorce back in 2015. In an interview with Health magazine, she revealed that the media attention from her divorce cast a shadow over her music. She said:

When everyone's worried about your personal life, it makes you feel like, 'Well, if you could just spend some of that time talking about my actual art, that would be great! But I guess I asked for it, getting into this business. I'm never gonna get used to the public eye in that way.

However, Miranda is very much active in the music business. She even released her seventh studio album called Wildcard.

Some signs of their divorce

From the outside, Blake and Miranda seemed to have had the perfect marriage. But the couple were leading separate lives which was one of the sign that their marriage wasn’t going to last. According to E! News, other signs include the pairs past, their compatibility, body language, and success.

Years later, the former exes have moved on. Lambert found wedded bliss with Brendan McLoughlin while, Blake is in a relationship with Gwen Stefani.

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